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Does anybody know the policy for taking bikes on the LIRR? Taking the train tomorrow from Penn to West Hamptons and looking to bring le bicycle. I have a permit, but not sure on limits per car, etc. Thanks

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Kara (not verified)

Hi John,
Taken it a number of times same ole same ole.. haven't been given a hard time yet!

LIRR Bike Regs

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Kara (not verified)

oops.. and no bikes on the 4th you'll have to come back Sunday or ride it home...

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secret teammate (not verified)
go for it!

hey grandits,

i've taken my bike on the LIRR on many of the forbidden days, such as the 4th of july, without a problem. they probably won't even ask to see your pass. although, i still always bring it, which was issued in 1993 and in complete tatters.

see ya tomorrow at the crack of dawn.

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