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Heading north from West Point, Route 218 is closed due to a rock slide. There is a fence across the road. I did not try to go around this one. Anyone know more details?

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Ed White (not verified)
latest status available on web site

"West Point's web site has updated road conditions, and as of now, all roads are open. Check it out at West Point Road Conditions."

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Russ Berman (not verified)
Check it Twice

"Ed: I think John may be right. The website (under ""comments"") indicates 218 is closed from 9W to Cornwall. Russ"

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John Z (not verified)
Still Closed

The state doesn't work that fast.

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Chris T. (not verified)
Only the major roads off-post are listed

Mine Tome road would be a good road to be listed on the website. I've never known it to be closed, but West Point can close the gates at their discretion.

For those not familiar, Mine Tome Rd. connects Route 293 with Ft. Montgomery, and is the only road on 293 the public can turn off on, other than the endpoints of Route 9W or Route 6.

It will be interesting how soon the state clears the rockslide -- proportional to the rock tonnage on the road, and number of forms to be filled out.

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