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Does anyone still in town this weekend know anyplace that would show the TDF on Saturday?

The hype is finally getting to me and I've cut off my cable -- not that Cablevision ever deigned to offer OLN back when I subscribed.

Normally, I wouldn't be that interested in the Prologue, but with the GC implications this year it might make for interesting viewing.

Thanks all.

John M.

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no prologue? (not verified)

Don't mean to be dumb or picky, but isn't it true that there is no prologue this year, and the Tour starts with Stage 1 (Fromentine to Noirmoutier-en-l'Ile Time Trial) on Saturday, July 2?

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John Miller (not verified)

Prologue was used as the term of convention and convenience. Yes, I stand corrected -- according to

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Chris T (not verified)
Prologue definition: as per UCI road race cycling regulations

Paragraph 2.6.006 :

A prologue may be included in stage races on condition that:
1. it must not exceed 8 km; for an elite or juniors women's or juniors men's race, the prologue must be less than 4 km;
2. the prologue must be run as an individual time trial. If more than 60 riders are involved, the interval between the start of any two riders shall not exceed one minute;
3. It counts towards the individual general classification;
4. Any rider who suffers an accident during the prologue and is unable to complete the distance shall nevertheless be permitted to race the following day and be credited with the time of the last ranked rider;
5. No rider may participate or be made to participate in a second race on the same day as the prologue;
6. The prologue shall count as a race day.

Point #4 is the interesting one. In a prologue, if you crash out, you still have the chance to compete if you show up for the first stage, although your GC chances will suffer having the time of the last ranked rider.
But in this year's TDF, at 19km, it's not a prologue but Stage 1, and if you can't complete it, you're done.

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Chris T (not verified)
John M's right, Stage 1 will mean more

In recent Tours, there has been:
a prologue;
the Team Time Trial (usually Stage 4) ;
1st Individual time trial (around stage 8-9, or later if an uphill time trial);
2nd Individual time trial (stage 19 or the stage before the final stage into Paris).

Both ITT's were 50-60km long.

In the 2005 TDF, the prologue is replace with the 1st ITT that is only 19 km long. That's long enough to create some gaps that are meaningful if your GC contender is slightly off form, has a bad day or has an untimely mechanical. You could see a 30 second gap on day one for a GC favorite that falters.

The next ITT is THREE weeks later. The field doesn't have that ITT around Stage 9 to shake up the order on GC. The Team Time Trial has a little more impact. But it will be the team tactics, riding form, and tempo management, and climbing ability that will be shaking up the GC while we wait for the Stage 20 ITT. Only in 2003 was the final ITT needed to decide the winner during Lance's reign at the TDF.

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Elijah (not verified)

I'm looking for a place on the West Side that will show the Tour De France consistently, as I, too, can't get OLN. Damn Cablevision!

Does anyone have any suggestions?

thanks. BTW: if you want to get a group together to watch the TDF daily, send me an email. I'm more into watching than drinking . . . but if I have to buy a beer so that I can watch the best race in the world, then so be it.

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Tony Mantione (not verified)
viewing TDF

"Is there a TV schedule for the TDF this year ??? and will it be on ""Discovery Channel"" or OLN ??
Ciao ."

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Chris T. (not verified)
Only Lance Network is your TDF ticket

Tony, the Outdoor Life Network is going full bore on the Tour.
Tomorrow's coverage has pre race show from 8-11:30am
then live coverage of Stage 1 till 2
an afternoon repeat, then a evening repeat from 8 to 11 pm.

Suggest for full coverage details.

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Tara (not verified)
TDF Viewing

I've been looking for same. Ideally a place with some French fare to get in the spirit! I've called a few places, but no findings yet... any suggestions? The Prologue begins at 8:30am...

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Maggie Schwarz (not verified)
The Back Page

This sports bar, on 83rd and Third, is really great, with a central large screen, several small screens, very good, reasonably priced food.

They have satellite coverage and have had us there before, so they know us. I checked in there recently to tell the owner we'll be back, so he expects us.

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John Miller (not verified)

I remember that place from high school -- only passing it by, of course . . .

I was thinking Brooklyn, and I was thinking one of the later-day replays. I'm riding Saturday morning.

Anybody have any experience with a Park Slope Bar? I think I'm going to try my luck at a couple of places -- in civilian clothes, of course; I'll leave the Gerolsteiner jersey at home -- and hope I don't get laughed out the door by baseball fans.

If all else fails, I may trek back to my old Regis haunts. Would anybody be willing to nail down a time?

John M.

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Matthias Stadtfeld (not verified)
Saturday morning?

Hi Maggie,

Do you know at what time they will show Saturday's stage?
Only in the evening or are they already open for the live
coverage at 8:30am?


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Michael (not verified)
Remember - Blondies on July 13

Spoke with management at Blondies (79th Bdway/Amsterdam), booked the back room for July 13 and possibility of the front room as there is no baseball that night.

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Jenny B (not verified)
Decision on Tour viewing bars?

Has a decision been made on a venue for watching the Tour - East side vs West? What time and where?

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John Z (not verified)
Blondies, 8:00 PM Tomorrow for Stage 1

Matthias, Craig and I will be there. Don't cheat and look at the result...

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