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Some of us bail out on rides and catch the subway home. Today legislation was approved by the MTA to ban bicycles from subway trains effective 10/01/05. Infraction carries fines from $25-$100. There is yet language to explain whether cyclists are permitted on first or last cars of the train. Is anyone familiar with this new rule and whether there might be a clause for restricted use by cyclists on the trains? (instead of complete ban)

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David Hallerman (not verified)
Link? Further Info?

This is serious news for many of us.

Do you have a link where we could find further info?

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Christian Edstrom (not verified)

"According to the NYTimes, the ban is for ""sitting on a bike on the train."" And the BBC says the ban is against ""straddling a bicycle.""

So don't straddle or trackstand on a moving train.

Other than that, it's business as usual.

- Christian"

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David Hallerman (not verified)
Ah! And Good News

"Ah, thanks for the NY Times head's up, Christian.

Not only not bad news for cyclists, some good news too: ""Taking photographs, an activity viewed with suspicion by the authority last year, is now acceptable, as is registering voters.""

So, go out and photograph people registering to vote!"

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Michael (not verified)
Trackstand on a moving train

To trackstand on a moving train would be fairly impressive, well worth the ticket for the bragging rights.

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esass (not verified)

I thought I read that the ban is on straddling bikes.

I felt really bad yesterday jumping on the train with my bike during the rainstorm to head uptown.

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not bad (not verified)
Ban against riding, not bikes

"Yes, the ban is against straddling the bike. (ie riding it, ""I wasn't riding it, I was just sitting on it"")

""Straddling a bicycle, riding a skateboard or wearing inline skates will also be banned""

No ban against bike in the subway."

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