2004 American Classic Sprint 350 wheelset for sale

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I recently bought Zipp 303's and am tired of looking at the 350's in my bedroom (as is my wife, lol). They have about 500-600 miles on them and are in great shape. I figured before I threw them up on eBay I'd see if anyone here might like them. Asking $400 firm, they regularly retail for $599. You can check them out at AC's website


This is what it says on the AM website:

This wheelset features the American Classic 350 gram rim, which is the lightest aluminum clincher rim in the world. This wheelset is ideal for everyday riding and racing, and excels as a 'Climb Dynamic' wheel. Due to it's light weight, we recommend this wheelset for riders less than 200 lbs (91 kilograms).

Black rims, black hubs, 700c, Campy cassette body.

Email or call me at (917) 915-8444 and I'd be happy to show them. I'm located midtown. Thanks for reading.


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bill (not verified)

FWIW I LOVE my Am Classic 350's. (Tell your wife you need them for windy days!)

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Sheamus Cullen (not verified)

"I bought Hectors last set of American Classic 420's. When he stated they were in great condition he should of stated ""NEW"" this guy takes great care of his equipment. My 420's are great made it through the A19 SIG and lots of club rides, I'm a Clydesdale and their still going strong no truing yet! Thanks Hector."

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Hector Roman (not verified)
Thanks for the boosts guys

Thanks for the plugs fellas. Sheamus, I knew I loved you for a reason, lol.

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JT (not verified)

how much would it cost to switch to a shimano cassette body?

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Hector Roman (not verified)
Check with your LBS

JT, I'm not really sure so I suggest you check with your local bike shop. I'm guessing between $50 and $100 to switch over but not sure. Hope this helps.

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Hector Roman (not verified)
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