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Just as we were approaching the NY side of the GW Bridge I broke a rear wheel spoke. Neil yelled out, (following NYCC procedure) but no one heard. I assume that after helping me he caught up and explained.
Thanks Neil. That was good group riding skills!
Thanks Wayne and David. Hope to catch you next time.
By the way, I found a very useful hole in the wall bike shop called Manny's on 181 St and Bennet. Got the problem fixed and had a long, solo ride.

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Neile (not verified)
No problem, Fred. Sorry you couldn't stay with us.

FWIW; I got a triple whammy on the way back -- runs, nausea and asthma.

After giving notice to the leaders that I would drop off the back, I got VERY lucky and wrong-turned right into the headquarters of the Englewood Hospital EMS, who were gracious enough to let me use their personal facilities and sit in a cool place till I felt better. Called a car service to take me to the GWB and then subwayed home.

The pace wasn't bad but the heat, NJ air and possibly some bad ice at lunch did me in.

Aside from that ... a great ride (seriously). Thanks to Wayne & David for leading -- and Gary for coordinating!

PS> Lesson learned: Know where the emergency rooms are.

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Fred (not verified)
Question of the day

If you are on a fast paced group bike ride and get the runs, nausea and asthma, does that make you a triathlete?
Feel better soon!

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