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"Even Saturday's temperatures in the high 90s couldn't keep away die-hard fans of Ron Roth's annual epic ride from Poughkeepsie up to Tannersville and back. More than 20 self-admitted crazies showed up for a ride advertised as being 110 miles long, but was really closer to 120. And Jeff Wilson managed to stretch it to 137.

Temperature climbing Kaaterskill Falls, one-ish: 105 degrees

Temperature climbing Mohonk, 6:30pm: 91 degrees

[REVISED] Monarchs of the Mountain (who did both climbs): Sal Cenatiempo, Mark Loftis, Chris O'Connell, Dan Roller, Michael Steiner, Ellen Thomas, Carol Wood, John Zenkus

New cycling talent discovery: Martha (recent A19er), third one up Kaaterskill--ahead of Craig Breed (sorry Craig), and on a heavy vintage bike.

Observation: It's not quite as hot if you keep moving.

Quote of the day: ""It's not really that hilly of a route."" --Sal.

Wildlife report: Sal and I saw a black bear cub (meaning mama nearby) on the Mohonk descent. Glad we were going downhill--if it had been on the climb up I would have turned around and gone the other way.

Thanks to stalwart ride leaders Ron, Mark, Tim and Peter for making it happen, to Hank for the alternate return route, and to John for the Italian restaurant."

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Mark Loftis (not verified)
More climbers

Dan Roller, Ellen Thomas, and I did both climbs as well. Dan might get the mileage award for last week. On Tuesday morning he rode the summer solstice century to Bear Mountain and then did Christy's ride to Nyack in the afternoon. After work on Friday he rode up to Carmel, he rode 120 miles on Saturday, and he rode back from Carmel on Sunday. That's a good week of riding.

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John Z (not verified)
More Details

"""New cycling talent discovery: Martha (recent A19er), third one up Kaaterskill--ahead of Craig Breed (sorry Craig), and on a heavy vintage bike.""

My report is that a bit of a lead was spotted...

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John Z (not verified)
From the Other Side

"""Kings of the Mountain (only ones to do both climbs, as far as we know): Sal Cenatiempo, Michael Steiner""

I did both climbs, or at least two big climbs. After not being allowed on the 7:51 train and loathe to cue sheets, I decided upon taking the return route to Tannersville, which I know. This proved to be challenging, as section from High Falls to Tannersville is essentially continuously up hill, and starting an hour late meant all the riding would be in peak heat. By the time I hit Mohonk (just before noon), it was quite hot. Route 28 provided a blast furnace head wind to complement the gradual uphill to Phoenicia. Route 214 provided no shade and a more pronounced grade. Devil's Tombstone was a hint that maybe I should stop and get some water -- I ran out at mile 50. This stop was smart as the last 5 miles to Tannersville showed not mercy from the sun. In summary, its 60 miles with 5000 vertical feet of climbing taking the return route to Tannersville. Thankfully, the return only has about 2000 vertical, all rollers and a couple small climbs."

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chris o (not verified)
Great Ride

I had a great time on Saturday. Thanks to the leaders and cue sheet makers. Those first 30 miles were very fast yet effortless, at least for those of us towards the back of the paceline. That made the day a little easier in light of what was to come.

Six of the 26 riders did Devil's Kitchen. (Devil's Kitchen did at least one of us, though.) Does anyone have the vertical stats, etc. on that climb? I heard it was 1.75 miles but it seemed closer to 1.9. It was extreme.

After lunch, I left early and did the last 60 miles on my own. The first mile of Mohonk Mountain was not bad. No comment on the next .9. And with all of my might I made the 6:33 train and got home before sunset.

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Hank Schiffman (not verified)
Ride Stats

Poughkeepsie to Tannersville via Devils Kitchen:
48.6 miles
Tannersville to Poughkeepsie via Mohonk bypass:
60.2 miles

Devils Kitchen take your pick of the heart of the climb (about 1050'):
1.74 miles of climb 11.4%
1.68 miles of climb 12.0%

But the whole climb goes from 435' to 1955' (1520') in 4.7 miles. The 2.8% doesn't quite represent the climb because the 470' gain in the other 3 miles is akin to a grape in a gallon of wine.

We must be grateful for the well paved road. Jeff Vogel mentioned in the past the surface was terrible.

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Robert Shay (not verified)
Compact Crank...? (nm)
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Herb (not verified)

Back when I first did this ride with Jeff, most of us used a 39-23. It was difficult but we survived. If I remember correctly, there's a part in the middle with a right hand bend that is quite steep. During the original Dupont Tour, some of the riders underestimated the severity of the climb by using an 18 tooth cog. They walked.

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Robert Shay (not verified)
Interesting.... (nm)
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jamie (not verified)
Devil's kitchen

At it's steepest, it cracks 20%. During the Tour de Trump, pros geared at 39-21 walked it. Anyone who says they did this with a 23 is a liar or a mountain goat.

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el jefe (not verified)

Anyone who tries racing up Devil's Kitchen in a 39x21 or 39x23 is doomed to failure. Taking it at your own pace, it's do-able in 39x23. I've been doing this route regularly for over 15 years and many riders have done it, me included. Back in the day, Ron Grossman did it in a 42x23. If you put a foot down, you didn't do Devil's Kitchen.

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Sonny (not verified)
Thanks John Z

Ron will join me in thanking John Z for pacing both of us on Saturday back to Poughkeepsie once the cramps set in. Oh, and thanks even more for the beers on the train!

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