June 25 - Oyster Bay via Sagamore Hill

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  • June 25 - Oyster Bay via Sagamore Hill
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"Thanks to all (the 30 of you know who you are) who joined on our epic ride today.
Braving rising temperatures, our intrepid band survived some 72 or so hot miles and numerous water stops.
...sudden co-leaders Ellen and Sheamus...
...and to chuck, who showed the good sense to pack a water pistol...
Let's do this again sometime, but on a different day and to a different destination...""Ride to the Races"" July 10! Look for the listing,

Now, to hydrate."

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af (not verified)
good ride

Glad to see you back on the bike and it was a pretty good ride considering (just look at the reports of Sunday's rides).

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Anthony Poole (not verified)
Thanks very much

Thanks very much for an excellent ride and an interesting route going over a lot of new territory for me, both in the city and further out. It was my first club ride in way too long and I picked a goodie.

Excellent leadership from Marci and Peter and I'm looking forward to your next one.

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Kim Savage (not verified)
Kudos to both and all who endured.

Kudos to both and all who endured.

Thanks so much!

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