Ped-Taxis in CP

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Does anyone know if the bicycle taxi's have rights to give rides in Central Park like the Hansom Cabs?
It seems me to that they are giving rides like the Hansom Cabs and are creating vehicular traffic.
They start at cpw and 72 and go to 72 on the east side.

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Wayne Wright (not verified)
Let's focus on the real Park traffic issue

I don't know whether bike taxis are supposed to be using the Park or not, but you know what really causes vehicular traffic problems in Central Park? CARS! You might have a hard time drumming up support for a bike taxi ban as long as we're expected to share the Park with motor vehicle traffic.

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Heath (not verified)
My gripe with the Bike Cabs

I try not to ride in the park, but I do like to head to the park over lunch and people watch. (I always wonder what these people do that they can come to the park all day.)

The thing that makes me nervous about the bike taxis is that they swerve back and forth accross the road without looking. As they go past tavern on the green, they either stop quickly or make sudden turns pointing out the restaurant or sheeps meadow. I have seen a few close calls.

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