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"Non-registrants may join us on these rides. Traditionally, many non-registrants bike up on the Saturday rides and then take the train back to home e.g. from Garrison or Cold Spring.

All Saturday rides will depart from the West 72nd St. entrance to Central Park (not the East 72nd St. entrance as traditionally has been the case, and not at the Boathouse). All rides will meet at 8am (except for the C ride catching the train from GCT—see details under ride listings below).

On the rides up Saturday, the B16 and C14 rides will take the pleasant route via W. Nyack and Haverstraw. The A19, B18 and B17 rides will either take the same route or a somewhat more challenging route west into NJ then back east across Seven Lakes Drive. The latter route is preferred, but about 10 miles of Seven Lakes Drive is hilly and has no shade, so if the weather is too hot/sunny/humid, these rides will do the same W. Nyack/Haverstraw instead. To the extent there are several rides at different levels on the same route, riders will have the opportunity to switch to a faster or slower group at the rest stops if they want.

The rides are subject to change depending upon weather and other factors.

Saturday, July 2, 2005
• All Saturday rides meet at 8am at the entrance to Central Park at W. 72nd St./CPW
• Registrants should bring their bike and luggage to the start. Show up prepared to ride!
• Helmets are required on all rides.
• Registrants must carry with them a valid, current government-issued photo ID to enter West Point. The swimming quarry and the Thayer Hotel are inside West Point.
• Non-registrants may join us on these rides, and can take the train home e.g. from Garrison or Cold Spring.

A20 75+ miles 08:00 AM “West Point the Hard Way”
Leaders: Timothy McCarthy, [email protected], 718-204-7484; Ted Shaw, [email protected]; Mark Loftis, [email protected]
From: Central Park entrance at West 72nd St./CPW
A beautiful day trip for those who want it or a great start to the NYCC July 4th weekend at West Point for those headed there and certainly a challenging ride for all: Skyline Drive, Greenwood Lake, Hogback and Seven Lakes Drive. Yes, there are flatter ways to get there but this ain't one of 'em. Bring a Metro North pass if you will not stay the weekend for the return by train from Garrison. Note: current picture ID required to enter West Point. Also note: we will depart on time and will not dally. Show up at 7:45 to sign up and drop off luggage. We aim to arrive at West Point in time for a dip at the quarry.

A20 ~70 miles 8:00AM “Army Ride”
Leaders: Christy Guzzetta [email protected], Jody Sayler [email protected]
From: Central Park entrance at West 72nd St./CPW
Heading up to West Point for our annual July 4th weekend. All are welcome for the ride. If you are not staying for the weekend, you may want to bring your Metro North pass and train it home from Garrison or other locations. We'll be heading up thru Bronxville, Scarsdale, White Plains to breakfast at the Thornwood. Then up, up, up Rte 120, down, down, down, 7 Bridges, around Croton Reservoir to Peekskill. Finally, the last stretch is over Antony's Nose to West Point.

A19 ~60 miles 8:00am “Watering Hole Ride”
Leaders: Ed White [email protected], Sienna Parete [email protected]
From: Central Park entrance at West 72nd St./CPW
The Event Coordinator for the West Point weekend has some important chores to do upon arriving at West Point the first day, and you can help him. These chores include: making sure the Ice Cream Shoppe has enough flavors, testing the water in the swimming hole, and ensuring that the bar at the Thayer is fully stocked (at least before we get there!) If you want to join us on the ride, you must to promise to do your fair share. This ride will go on the route of the B rides, but at an A19 pace with pacelining"

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Ed White (not verified)
Christy's ride up to West Point

"In the NYCC eweekly email sent out today, in the NYCC July Bulletin, and temporarily on the Rides Listings on the NYCC site, Christy Guzzetta's ride to West Point via Westchester (he's calling it the ""Army Ride"") is listed as departing on Friday, July 1. This is a typo, of course. All rides to West Point are meeting at 8am Saturday July 2 at the West 72nd St./CPW entrance to Central Park."

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Ed White (not verified)
Saturday's one-way rides

I've received several questions from non-registrants about joining the bike rides up to West Point Saturday and returning by train. Here's what you need to know.

Almost all of the rides up will pass by Bear Mountain Bridge towards the end of the ride. From there, it is about 5-7 miles to West Point, but if you are taking the train home instead, you would leave the ride at this point. If the ride is coming up on the west side of the Hudson River, it will cross Bear Mountain Circle on 9W, and from there you would leave the ride and cross Bear Mountain Bridge to the east side. If the ride is coming up from the east side, stay on the east side. The east end of Bear Mountain Bridge intersects Route 9D, so you'd take 9D north from there about 5 miles to Garrison. Shortly after you see a sign for entering Garrison, there is a clearly marked sign for the train station at a stop light (if my memory serves me correctly, it is the first stop light you'll encounter on 9D after leaving the bridge). You turn left, go down a hill, and you're there. It's simple. You can visit a convenient deli on the Manhattan-bound side of the tracks before getting on the train.

I checked the Sat. July 2 Metro-North train schedule, and trains are leaving Garrison to Grand Central every hour all day at two minutes after the hour.

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