Vigil for Andrew Ross Morgan tonight 6pm

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  • Vigil for Andrew Ross Morgan tonight 6pm
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Please bring flowers, candles, any imaginative mementos.

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Jessica Mott (not verified)
Vigil to Critical Mass?


Do you know if the vigil will include a ride to and with Critical Mass? I'm so outraged by the recent cyclist deaths that I'm making this my first Critical Mass (have always been intimidated by them in the past). I am very sorry for Andrew's family and friends.


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Mordecai Silver (not verified)
NYT article
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Suomynona (not verified)
and photos
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richard rosenthal (not verified)
Letter sent to the NY Times in response to the NYT article.

"To the Editor:

Your article, ""On Roads Where They Fell, Bicyclists Are Remembered"" (June 26, Metro Section), was dismayingly neutral and bloodless in referring (three times) to ""collisions"" between motor vehicles and bicycles that killed the cyclists. No, they weren't collisions. The vehicles hit the bicycles; the drivers hit the cyclists. Deputy Police Commissioner (for Public Information) Paul Browne is on record as stating, in conjunction with the monthly Critical Mass bicycle rides, cyclists ""endanger"" motorists. I've cycled in New York twenty-five years. I've yet to learn of one driver killed, or, for that matter, even injured by a cyclist. The city is destined to set a record this year of number of cyclists killed. It's time the language recognized ""Death by Driver.""


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