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"Bob Breedlove, veteran RAAM rider and orthopedic surgeon, was struck by a pickup truck on Colorado Highway 12.

Des Moines Register article
RAAM homepage

From his rider bio:
""Obstacle to reaching your ultimate athletic goal: My ultimate goal is to be able to keep riding a bicycle at 80.

""What intimidates you most about RAAM? Illness, injury or death.""

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JP (not verified)

the fact that the motor vehicle was not at fault does not minimize this loss

r.i.p :-(

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don montalvo (not verified)
lack of sleep...

"in the article:

> “I can’t get my mind around what has happened,” Pitre said.
> “It doesn’t make any sense to me that a rider with that level
> of experience would drift into the other side.”

and a few paragraphs later:

> ""Riders race up to 22 hours a day."""

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