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Does anyone have any cue sheets (or at least any route suggestions) for a good rides around Madison, CT? We'd like to do approx. 50 miles... going to Madison on Sat for a open water swim thingy, and figured we might as well get a nice ride in... This town is right on the water, so there's gotta be some scenic riding in that area...

According to Mapquest, Madison is almost 100 mi away from NYC, which means we would either take the train half way and then bike, or bike half way and then take the train (or do the same on the return trip).

I searched through the ride library, and the only cue sheet that I found going in that direction is to Mamaroneck... which is only about 25 mi or so one way... and involves riding through NYC... I am hoping we can probably do better than riding in NYC traffic...
Does anyone have any other suggestions?

Thanks very much in advance!!!

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Carol (not verified)
Ride Library

"Look in the ride library in the Westchester/CT section. There are 2 rides called Connecticut Shoreline that go from New Haven to Guilford. Madison is only a few miles beyond Guilford. Take the train to New Haven, then cycle to Madison. It's a beautiful ride - especially the ""Inland Loop"" ride. If you need further directions from Guilford to Madison, email me - I probably have it in my personal files."

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Greg (not verified)
Madison riding

Ride around the area frequently during visits with the inlaws. My usual routes:
From downtown Madison (Boston Post Rd.) striaght north on Rt. 79 to just outside of Middletown, CT, and and back is just about 40 miles. It’s a nice two-lane, lightly travelled, wooded road that has rolling climbs. Nothing too steep, but few lights. Also a nice town (Durham) to stop in for snacks.
You can add to this ride by getting back on the Boston Post and head east to Hammonasset (spelling?) State Park about two miles away and ride through the flat, beach/wet land roads. It’s beautiful, and a great way to unwide after a ride. It also tacks on another 8 miles or so. For a few more miles—and great luxury home scenery—ride along Madison’s Long Island Sound front road, which winds just south of Boston Post Rd.

Another route: Up Rte. 79 about 12-plus miles then a right onto Rte. 148 for 8 miles and south on Rte. 81 into Clinton (town east of Madison). It’s hillier (esp. Rte 148), but very scenic and lightly travelled. And 81 is pretty much a downhill all the way back to the Boston Post Rd. Again, can finish it up with a spin through Ham. St. Park before rolling into Madison.

Overall, it’s a nice area to ride around. Hope that helps.

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Inga (not verified)
Thank you!!! :) (nm)
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