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Last night around 7:30 is was kicked out of CP by the police because of the JPMorgan corp. challenge. Is the park going to be open tonight for riders or should i find someplace else to ride?

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Michael (not verified)
Closed Thursday as well

Races were last night and tonight. Find another ride

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Inga (not verified)
you'll be fine if you wait until 8-8:30pm

Corporate Challenge starts at 7pm, and will be pretty much over by 8pm (it's only a 3.5 miler)

I ran it myself last night... the crowds really are insane, with about 15,000 participants, and most of them are completely clueless when it comes to racing etiquette... people tripping/falling, etc., etc. One lady (who lined up with 5 min/milers, mind you) actually had the nerve to yell at me for RUNNING, since according to her, it was a run/WALK. Quite amusing stuff actually.

After finishing the actual Corp. Challenge run, I did another loop of the park, and by then the crowds were pretty much gone, the roads were clear, and there were quite a few cyclists out there.

If you decide to ride, don't even think of showing up before 8pm (better yet, 8:30), and I would recommend entering the park more toward the North end... in the 100s

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Sid (not verified)

"Also, watch out for the thousands of flattened empty wax-coated paper cups cast aside by the ""runners""..."

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Newbie (not verified)

I've been lurking on this board for some time. I am a member of NYCC and 5BBC, and I'm glad that both clubs exist to meet the different needs of different riders. It is very disappointing to me to see the subtle and sometimes outright disdain for beginners who are trying out a new sport, and might not know the proper etiquette. We were all beginners at one time.

Some community events, like the corporate challenge, interfere with use of the park for a time. They also enhance and build community, and create good will, and introduce new people to the park and the sport.
It is the responsibility of cyclists and non-cyclists to respect each other.

I'll step off my soapbox now.

Best to all.

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Inga (not verified)
what I was REALLY trying to say

"It looks like you are responding to my post, so I am complelled to clarify a few things:

1) The sole purpose of my post was to give advice to the OP, based on my experience from the night before: you CAN go to the park the night of the CC, just go LATER, when the race is over. Don't go around 7pm because there are 15,000 participants and spectators, so it's pretty much a a mad house. That's all.

2) I have ZERO problem with community events in the park, such as CC. If you read my post carefully, you will see that I actually PARTICIPATED in the race (and not even the first time)--so I was one of those 15,000 people ""crowding"" the park and contributing to the ""mad house"" state of things.

3) About racing etiquette. I admit, it is one of my pet peeves, and in my book, lining up way ahead of your estimated race pace falls along the same lines as picking your nose at the dinner table (sorry for the gross image this early in the morning). It has nothing to do with not knowing the rules--there are BIG signs specifically telling you where to go depending on how fast you are. If you are a beginner and/or a walker, you should stand in the back (there was a big sign saying ""NON-COMPETITIVE START"", it was impossible to miss). Participants were also given handouts explaining the rules--which I actually read, just to be clear, although I run races on a regular basis.

When walkers (or very slow runners)line up upfront, it creates unnecessary danger for them AND those trying to actually run fast. I've seen enough people trip and fall, and one actually took a nose dive right into the curb (I really hope he is ok)--because of walkers lining up at the 5 min/mile marker (which was technically reserved for ""elite"" runners) and getting in the way. Also, it's not fair (and dissappointing) for someone to not get a PR because of a messy start. It's not a lack of knowledge, it's just a lack of respect, and complete disregard for the rules of the race. It's great to be supportive of beginners (and I am all for it), however, the beginners should be willing to ""blend in"" and follow the rules... and ask questions if they don't know what to do. I am a horrible swimmer, and when I go to the pool, I woudn't even THINK of jimping into a fast lane.

If I seem to harsh here, like I said, it is my pet peeve, and those who know me personally (and have had a running-related conversation with me) have probably heard me complain about this anyway.

4) Lastly, I am primarily a runner myself, who just got into cycling less than a year ago (primarily for triathlons, but now I pretty much got addicted to cycling the same way I am addicted to running). So I am probably even more of a newbie than you are (at least when it comes to cycling). I don't know what you are gathering from this board, but I've had very positive experience with this club since I joined... nothing like the outright disdain you speak of. I've definitely come a long way in my cycling thanks to the SIG program, along with the advice and encouragement of many club members.

Well, that would be it. I really hate to get into agruments like that... but if you want to discuss further don't hesitate to email me (the email address listed is my real one... I've got nothing to hide...). Thanks."

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<a href="">Peter O'Reilly</a> (not verified)
Flip side

Your point is well taken except, as the original poster suggested, to which I agree, such a *large* event is not conducive to learning about running or racing. I equate it to learning how to drive with your first experience being that on the BQE. Sure you don't risk death or life threatening injury to yourself or others, but it does spoil the fun for others, as the original poster suggested.

Having participated in such event for several years, it's my opinion as well there's too many people crammed into a small space. Not that it will happen $$$, but the race should ideally be cut down in size. That said, I never really treat it as a race when it took several minutes to cross the starting line as I learned my 1st year.

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MarkNYC (not verified)
Re: Beginners

"Yes, I agree it is our responsibility. BUT, many of us are growing tired of that respect only being extended one way and never being reciprocated. Maybe you should post in a Runner's forum and clue in others on that side to the respect issue. Time after time, the cyclist community is given the backhand when it comes to this and other events in the park.

In all the years, and there are many now, that I have been booted out of the park for such events, I can say that NEVER, not once, have I been addressed in a friendly or cordial fashion by those associated with these events. By this, I DO NOT mean the majority of regular folks – they for the most part are a good bunch and are just out to have fun. Instead, I am referring to the officals and staff of these events. To say that they are spreading good will is just plain silly– they are very unpleasant and quite pompous.

Yes, I suck it up and find another ride like everyone else. What I don't like hearing is that us (cyclists) are the bad guys here and that we do not accord others any respect. WE DO...AND LOTS OF IT! If this is what you truly think, then the intro to your post (""I have been lurking out here..."") seems to show more about your motives than anything.


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Newbie (not verified)
Thank you

I am not sure what you think my motives are. If my impression was mistaken, I am glad to learn that.
Best to you.

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Michael (not verified)
With CP closed I found another option

With CP closed and no expected 7PM start time I forced myself out of the office early so I was on the bike by 5:30. Did River Road and had a beautiful spin down Riverside Drive at sunset... Thank you JP-Chase/NYRRC.

Went up to the bridge via the bike path, won't make that mistake again.

For the record, I hate running but don't mind giving up my precious loops a few nights and and days a year to runners and charity walkers. Marathon Sunday this past year I rode the route with a wheelchair racer and stopped at 90th and 5th as we weren't allowed in the park.

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