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I have very good orthotics for cycling and running from Bill Peterson of Foot Fitness in Rhode Island. However, I am looking for additional analysis of my running as I am having some new muscle pain. I find that most podiatrists and chiropractors use foam molds or casts to make orthotics (don't mean to offend) and find that running on a treadmill and using laser / infrared technology is superior. But I can't find anyone in NYC who does this and can't get out to RI.

I am looking for a podiatrist in sports medicine who specializes in running ang gait analysis to help me figure out if I have a muscle imbalance or alignment issue in my extremities. They would have to have the ability to watch my legs and gait while running to diagnose effectively.

Sounds like a lot to ask... but I am open to suggestions!

thank you.
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emily (not verified)
gait analysis

'the running center' ( offers a biomechanical/gait analysis type of thing. i haven't done it and i don't think they have a podiatrist on staff, but it may be worth asking them what type of testing they do.


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Brad Ensminger (not verified)
You might call...

Dr. Richard Braver of Foot-Wise Sports Medicine, Foot and Ankle Care.

He made orthotics for me 15 years ago out of carbon fiber and they are still working well.

He was the first Podiatrist to make orthotics for the NY City Ballet dancers.

No guarantees about the gait analysis but he might be a good place to start.

His contact info is:

Dr. Richard Braver
Foot-Wise Sports Medicine, Foot and Ankle Care
Englewood and Fair Lawn, NJ

Good luck.

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regina (not verified)
gait analysis

thanks for the info! after doing a lot of searching and reading of bios, I ran across Dr. Braver as well. His experience seemed very thorough. I am glad to hear he has happy customers as well.

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Jason Hyatt (not verified)

Helen Hayes Hospital in Haverstraw, NY has one of the most advanced Gate clinics there is. I do not know there last name but Jody (very short woman) and Jinny were 2 of the staff running it.


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Ed (not verified)
gait analysis

Jack Rabbit Sports in Bklyn. does treadmill/video gait analysis.

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Neile (not verified)
Where's Etoin when you need him?

"My BS meter goes off when I hear phrases like ""gait analysis"".

The orginal poster was not specific as to the muscle pain but I developed plantar fasciitis (heel pain) a few years ago. I saw a highly recommended orthopedist who outlined a litany of procedures: taping rituals, custom orthotics, cortisone shots, surgery, gait analysis ... much NOT covered by health insurance(?)

Maybe it was the $$$ Roy Neiman original hanging in the exam room, but I deferred treatment and researched the topic online for a few hours. I found that the most effective treatments were the simplest - heat, cold, massage, stretching -- and that adding support to my arch with an ace bandage or elastic shoe laces successfully relieved the pain.

I suggest googling a phrase that describes your pain.


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