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"Here's the write up. The Post article had a picture of a cyclist sliding down the street from the spill. Photographer must have camp out on the street waiting for the perfect shot.



June 22, 2005 -- An advertising stunt by Snapple to build the world's largest ice pop in Union Square went terribly wrong yesterday - the sugary confection melted in the heat and sent unsuspecting pedestrians and cyclists slipping and sliding.

One woman who fell in the hazardous goo was rushed to the hospital with a badly sprained ankle, and three cyclists - including this one at right - were catapulted off their bikes.

""I can't believe this, it's so dangerous,"" said cyclist Dave Currente, who took a nasty tumble.
The Fire Department raced to East 17th Street between Broadway and Union Square East to hose down the super-slick road menace.

It was a public-relations nightmare for Snapple, its parent company, Cadbury Schweppes, and CoolBrands International, which were promoting their new ""Snapple on Ice"" pops by trying to break a Guinness Book record for the ""World's Largest Ice Pop.""

Shortly before noon, workers began stacking what was supposed to be a 20-ton, 2 1/2-story tall, kiwi strawberry-flavored Snapple ice pop, which soon melted.

Snapple spokeswoman Lauren Radcliffe apologized and said Snapple will pay cleanup costs.

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Screw Murdoch and print the story.

Not signing into that paper's database.

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Of course you wouldn't


Tell a friend."

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