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I want to buy a new bike with an AL/carbon frame, with a Campy Chorus Group and Proton Wheels--for $3000 or less.

Any ideas?

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Rob M (not verified)

Check out R&A's steals and deals:

I know people slander them, but they were nothing but great to me.

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David Hallerman (not verified)
Slander or Experience ???

I think there is a world of difference between slander and describing unpleasant experiences.

My memory of posts here about R&A Cycles in Brooklyn is of people's unpleasant experiences. Such description is not slander, unless you believe that saying anything negative, even if true, is slander.

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fhacklander (not verified)

that's tough to do. i tried doing the same last yr as my situation required a bike for weekday rides in central park to complement my weekend bike as i did not wish to schlep (sp?) a bike from one place to another. best deal i could come up with was $4K plus. but, depending on frame size, i could have a deal for you. let me know. otherwise, good luck with the hunt.

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bill (not verified)

R&A put together a full carbon Kestrel for me a few years ago for around 2.5k. Not such nice wheels but I later upgraded to am classics. very happy with this ride.

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xxxx (not verified)
combo of al/carbon?

do you mean you want an aluminum frame with carbon fork/seatstays/chainstays or either an aluminum frame or a carbon frame? sorry, i couldn't follow it, maybe it's just me.

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h (not verified)

if you want carbon, get a trek oclv - but get the centaur gruppo, and then either the proton wheels or one step up to the eurus. centaur/chorus is only a very very slight difference in weight, the mechanisms all the same. price difference is considerable. put the saved money in the wheels. I did exactly that, three years ago - and have been very happy. eurus wheels are brilliant - ride beautifully, haven't needed a true in three years despite plenty of potholes. I got the trek 5500, with the above, all for just a tad over 3000 at the time. see jim up at nyack bicycle, if you ride that way. he'll set you up, deliver the bike to you in the city.

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Larry (not verified)

Thanks for all the tips guys--really looking for any frame material, but the alu., w/ carbon stays seems to be the best bet at this point.


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