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I'll be in Southern Vermont the week of July 4th, near Manchester. Any great ride ideas?

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Evan Marks (not verified)
"""Short Bike Rides in Vermont"""

I've done a few of the rides in this book - it's detailed, it's accurate, it even maps out the routes. You could do a lot worse.

Watch out for the outlet-mall-Hummer-zone in downtown Manchester ;^/

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Russ Berman (not verified)
Try your LBS

There's a bike shop in Manchester on the way to Bromley that is helpful and has cue sheets for at least a couple of terrific local rides. One of them heads out Rt 30 in the direction of Dorset and takes a left through the Merck forest to Rupert and beyond. It's a memorable climb and is worth your day to do it both ways (the bike shop says the last 200 yards or so of the return climb is over 20%). If you continue through Rupert and take the road north and eventually R, east (from Poultney?)crossing Rt 7 and then R, south via Rt 100 to R, west on the road to Bromley (Rt 11?), you can suck up close to 90 miles of serious riding, including the climb up Bromley followed by a long fast downhill back into Manchester. I haven't been in the area in a couple of years, which makes this a little inspecific. But a quick glance at a road map (or a chat with the bike shop) should be enough to set you straight and work out a lesser route if that's your flavor. Post again if you've found a map and want confirmation.

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Tom Lowenthal (not verified)
southern Vermont


click on ""LIBC Cuesheets,"" click on ""Section F Rides from Londonderry, VT"""

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B. Dale (not verified)
More VT rides

I've done a few of the rides in the library of the Charles River Wheelmen ( Just go to their cue sheet library and use the search term Vermont. Most or all of the rides start from Warren, VT. The rides that I have done have been excellent (scenic, good roads, not many turns on the cue sheet), but extremely challenging. Both Lincoln Gap and Appalachian Gap are considerable climbs, for example.


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Evan Marks (not verified)
Lincoln Gap? Ap Gap? Ouch.

You can watch them gasping for breath trying to get up the Ap Gap during the Green Mountain Stage Race, and Lincoln Gap (closed in winter) is even steeper. The nasty parts are variously reported as being between 12% and 30%, and parts of it are unpaved. I've never ridden it (what are you, crazy?) but driving it is like being in a green elevator shaft.

Vermont Deathride, for the truly insane (and very very skinny):

BTW, Warren is ~1 1/2 hours north of Manchester.

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B. Dale (not verified)
We're a diverse group!


I can think of dozens of NYCC members who would really enjoy the rides that I provided a link to. We're a large cycling group with a diverse assortment of participants. Ask a group of 1500 or so members for a ride recommendation in Vermont and you're sure to get an eclectic set of responses. I did describe the rides as ""extremely challenging"" with ""considerable climbs."" I'm sure that the original poster can look over the response set and find the rides that are most appropriate for her.

Best, Ben"

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Nancy (not verified)

Check out there are some great routes with maps and cue sheets in southern vermont. I have ridden some of the routes from the Ranney Crawford house and they are fun. Some big hills and scenic small towns. Have fun

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Cheryl (not verified)

Thanks for all the great ideas. There are eight of us going up to Vermont - with various biking abilities - so the ideas posted are perfect - it will give us all options.

Thanks again.

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