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"Can anyone guess the city?


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Carol Wood (not verified)
Portland, Oregon

It will happen here if we get busy.

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ben (not verified)

I don't want to spoil the answer for anybody else, but google made quick work of this one. It looks to be a state law, too. Not just the city.

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GM Goth (not verified)
Just different there

Hmmm. The real estate sign has the 415 area code; the traffic sign enumerates CVC...which I believe places the photo in San Francisco, CA.

Having lived two blocks from the Torrance-Malibu path and two hills away from the relatively unspoiled roads of Palos Verdes, I must say CA cycling has it all over the Tri-State area...and before you get all hincty, I grew up In Poughkeepsie.

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