Does anyone have a good route from manhattan to city island?

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  • Does anyone have a good route from manhattan to city island?
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Any help would be appreciated. Hopefully a scenic route.

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Chris T. (not verified)
Check out Wednesday's Urban Adventure Ride

They are going to City Island.
The route's scenic level is unknown.

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Neile (not verified)
Urban Adventure route

"The Pelham Parkway bike path out CI and back is ""scenic"" -- you could take the #2 or #5 train to Pelham Parkway, and just ride around those sections -- otherwise if you're making your way through the Bronx, it's pretty much cityscape.

The UAR route should feature a good range of industrial zones and inner city neighborhoods."

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Isaac Brumer (not verified)

"Check out the ""Tour de Bronx"" route map. You might be able to piece together a scenic route based on parts of it."

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BOB SMITH (not verified)
City Island route

From Manhattan I have two routes. Weekdays I would suggest Hudson River trail to GWB then up to and across 181st. over the Washington Bridge (walkway)then left on University Ave. to Tremont Ave. Turn right on Tremont and go to 3rd Ave. then left to 175st. after light bear right over to Arthur Ave. then right over to Bx Zoo then left to Frodham Rd., turn right (be careful here) this leads into Peleham Pkwy. Take service road to end then pick up the trail and follow this to very end and bear left, then after crossing bridge turn right to C.I.Bridge.
Weekends: Through the park,exit on Malcom X Blvd. head noth to Macombs Ave. Bridge ( Be Very Careful here) Cross bridge on walkway keep Yankee Stadium on right proceed to Grand Concourse, turn left then to Tremont Ave. from here same as above.
Happy riding

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BOB SMITH (not verified)
C.I route

I responded to your rote to C.I. and made a mistake for the turn after Tremont on to 3rd. Ave. It is not 175st. but the very first right turn after the light. This is at a 45 degree turn, from here go straight two full blocks before turning right over to the Zoo. If you make a right where Arthur Ave becomes a one way street and then take your first left there will be a pastry shop on the corner of 181st. which is good for capicino. All told I believe I've been fairly accurate but please look at the route on map quest for assurance.

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