A kinder, gentler summer solstice ride

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Me neither.

Glomming Christy & Jody's idea but softening the hard edges a bit - Tuesday 6/21, the longest day of the year. A/B 18/19, leave the boathouse at 7am sharp, 9W to Nyack, quick bagel 'n' coffee stop at the Runcible, roll into work ~12:30. Post a reply or email if interested.

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marion (not verified)
I'm game

Sounds like a plan - I'm in for Tuesday to Nyack at 7am. (As long as it's not raining - and I don't think that rain is forecast - so we're alright).

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Kim (not verified)
I'm in too...

See y'all at 7am.

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Bob Mirell (not verified)
If it's Tuesday, it must be Nyack

Work permitting I'll join you as well

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Cat (not verified)

sounds fun! 6am rising is a stretch for me, but more realistic than the alternatives. Will try to join you at 7.

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