When was the Presta valve invented?

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So far, I've been able to find out that the inventor's name was Sclaverand, who worked for a French company called Morin, which merged with a company named Poutrait in 1935 to form the company we know of today as Zefal. The valve is variously known as the Sclaverand valve, French valve, or Presta valve.

Still can't determine if it was earlier or later than the Shrader valve (1893).

Ideas, anyone?

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pedalpusher (not verified)
A good question . . .

. . .to which I couldn't find the answer. But I did come across a site you (Evan) probably already know about that has lots of old bike patents, including a photo of Mister Campagnolo and his shifter contraption. Thought it might be worth posting here just for the fun of it.


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Christian Edstrom (not verified)

I'm stumped too.

But considering Sclaverand's company became Zefal and the valve was first licensed to Michelin, I bet writing to one of those companies might turn up some info.

FWIW, I once wrote a letter to Zefal USA about my HPx4 and they sent me a nice letter back, and a free rebuild kit!

- Christian

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Kim (not verified)
The letter may be the easiest...

...but, if you search for Sclaverand at the US Patent & Trademark Office http://www.uspto.gov/patft/index.html

Eight patents reference Sclaverand and within the text of these patents there are references to the 1920's patents.

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Evan Marks (not verified)
Sheldon Brown didn't know (!)

Sooo, I wrote to Zefal.

We'll see.

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don montalvo (not verified)
that's funny...

...i searched his sight looking for the answer too. something tells me the answer'll be there once someone figures it out. :)


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Evan Marks (not verified)
Zefal sez...

"""We have no precise file concerning that. It is between 1880 et 1890.
Sorry. In case you need more precise information, it would take us a lot of

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Heath (not verified)
No info

It is interesting that this information does not exist.

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