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Does anyone know how to get to Fire Island from Manhattan by bike? Is it possible? (They don't permit bikes on the ferry.)
Thank you

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Herb Dershowitz (not verified)

There is a freight ferry that carries bikes.

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j (not verified)
be careful

I was riding in fire island with my girlfriend last summer and we missed a sign(hard to see) that said no biking. we were maybe 30 yards from clearing the town and a cop stopped me and gave me a 70$ ticket

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Herb Dershowitz (not verified)

must have been Ocean Beach.

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jesse (not verified)
Fire Island

I've done this a few times to Bay Shore. Mostly junk miles but doable. You can't ride on Jones Beach Ocean Drive (although Im tempted to try it at some point) or over the Jones Beach to Fire Island section of the Moses Causway. You can put your bike on the freight boat. Getting off the Island, I try to have a friend with a car meet me at
Robert Moses State Park Lot 5.

The route I usually take 59th St. Bridge, Queens Blvd, South along Van Vyck Service Lane...East on Linden Blvd...East of Merrick Blvd...which turns into Merrick Road which turns into 27A to Bay Shore.

Good Luck

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