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Can any one tell me how to get to the path for bikes and runners along the FDR? I am in the east 50s - is there an entrance in that general area?


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jonathan friedman (not verified)
FDR Drive

There is a pedestrian overpass from the sidewalk on north side of E 63rd St, just East of York Ave (just a few blocks north of the 59th St. Bridge).

There is a discontinuity in the bike / jogging path near the UN building & they divert Southbound bike traffic out to York Ave -> Sutton Place -> E 55th St (I believe; there is a bike route sign & a bike lane) -> 2nd Ave.

There is a pedestrian tunnel under the FDR drive to reenter the bike / ped path at E 37th St, just East of 1st Ave.

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Michael Steiner (not verified)
Bike map ....

"Check out the NYC Bike Map. The green stubs tell you the entrances e.g. at 37th, 62nd, 71st, 78th, ...."

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esass (not verified)
bike Map

The bike map might not be so accurate with the construction going on in the 60's on the FDR. Be flexible.

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Isaac Brumer (not verified)
Path Access

The path currently runs continuously from 63rd to 120th. Access is at 63rd. There's a flight of stairs (with wheel tracks) at about 79th.

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