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I dread the section between Rt 303 and Stoney Point- just too much traffic in haverstraw etc. Anyone have alternitive route suggestions to get to Bear MTN?

BTW - the section around Piermont and Upper Gradview are no walk in the park either when it comes to traffic.

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Carol (not verified)

"Look in the ride library under Bergen/Rockland and get the cue sheet for ""Garrison through Haverstraw"". It has the detour through the village of Haverstraw on side roads so you can skip the ugly stretch of 9W through the strip malls."

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Chris T. (not verified)
There are few altenatives

I find the route through Haverstraw and West Haverstraw more of a nuisance than 9W, so I just grin and bear the traffic.

For a complete utter detour, you can go up 9W to the north entrance of Rockland Lake.
Make a Left onto Lake Street, also Rockland County route 80
Make a right onto Rockland county route 33. **
Follow this to County route 106, and make a Right
Take this to 9W in Stony Point. Make a Left to continue North to Bear Mountain.

** County Route 33 will take you over Little Tor (not a small hill

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Fred Steinberg (not verified)
9W between Havestraw and Stony Pt

from Nyack @ 9w/rt59

9.0 BR [email protected] Clove xing over RR tracks
1.2 R New Main
0.1 L Broadway
0.6 R Samsondale
0.3 R Tanneyanns La
0.3 R at end. Railroad Ave>Grassy Pt Rt108
2.0 R Beach rd. Rt110
0.5 L Under RR overpass. Tompkins Rd
0.4 R 9W. Stony Pt deli’s next ½ mile L/R

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jay (not verified)
avoid the piermont nine w uglv stretch by entering Piermont

by going thru or past tallman park into piermont lower village and continuing along river to nyack go thru nyack all the way to hook mtn park and take trail to rocklqnd lqke get back on nine w until the road going down to the right over rr tracks and past quarry then follow freds route i like to cycle thru the marina distr and get back on nine w well into stony point pls excuse typos i am using french keyboqrd

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