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Nice ride and memorial. A wonderful show of biker unity, with representation from the entire bicycling community. Thanks to members from NYCC for participating and lending your support.

See you on the next round of protest rides for safer and better cycling in the city!

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Carol Wood (not verified)
My take

"Chris O'Connell succeeded in getting me, Richard, and Chris's friend Nate over to Fifth Ave. in time for the departure--which left early, at about 8:05. The event apparently started at around 7:45 so we missed the solemn words about Elizabeth Padilla and the ""ghost bike"" that was painted white and chained to a post near the spot where she was killed. The large group rode quietly(for the most part) over to City Hall, with a police escort.

Paul Steely White got the press conference off to a rousing start, saying that we were there to set the record straight: Cycling is not an inherently dangerous activity, he said, and the city needs to do a lot to improve conditions. The three cyclists killed in the last six weeks were courageous, caring people, and we should follow their example.

I had to leave at 9:20, so I missed most of the other speakers. But I just saw a two-minute clip on NY1. Showed second speaker, Charlie Komanoff, addressing the cyclists with his back to the camera--couldn't hear what he was saying--accompanied by reporter voiceover. (Face the camera, folks!) This was followed by a poignant few seconds of Noah Budnick reading from his notes about how the city needs to recognize that cyclists are ""endangered, vulnerable road users, and give them the respect they need."" Indeed.

I was stirred by Paul's words, not to mention thrilled by this display of unity and momentum by our disparate cycling groups, all the factions coming together for a cause greater than any of us. This is just what we need.

While I am grateful to all the groups involved for getting this together so quickly and expertly (and to the NYCCers who turned out!), I especially want to thank Paul this time for turning TA in a more activist direction (I hope). My $50 check to TA is in the mail.

Can NYCC join in for the next event? LET'S KEEP UP THE PRESSURE!

Josh, thanks to you for keeping an eye on the bikes parked outside the City Hall fence, since we weren't permitted to bring to the steps. Those of us without locks (most of us) wouldn't have been able to attend without you!


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Carol Wood (not verified)
Moving memorial

"Courtesy Clarence Eckerson, NYC's eighth wonder.


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