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I am trying to buy a sport racer bike for around $1,000 in NYC, either
Manhattan or Brooklyn. Can you recommend a good shop to me?

I tried Sids on E. 34 and they seemed ok, am looking at a Specialized
Elite for $1050 or a Cannondale R700 for $1,200, but want to see who
has the
best reputation for support, price and I don't know where to turn.

Thank you,
Michael Braunstein
[email protected]

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esass (not verified)

Bought my Specialized Roubaix Elite at Toga. Have had a very good experience in the purchase and support phases.

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Tara (not verified)

I purchased an Allez from a shop not too long ago and was so horrified by the experience that I went to Gotham for help with it shortly thereafter. Joe (works Tues-Sat) totally hooked me up with an adjustment to the gears ECT. I would highly recommend going there and asking for him. That particular model is popular (I love mine) so I would call ahead to see if they have your size, and try to go during the week as opposed to weekends. In case you didn't know they are the sister store to Toga-but are smaller and from what I've heard seem to have a better reputation. Sid's is also well respected.
FYI if you by chance would consider going with a different bike I would check out Velo NYC(or perhaps it's NYC Velo) in the east village (2nd ave). They are brand new and are active bikers, they have been excellent with me on the few occasions I've been in.
good luck!

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Norm (not verified)
Manhattan Velo

I think you're referring to Carlos of Manhattan Velo who took over a bike shop on East 17th between Third and Irving. He used to be part owner (I believe) of Chelsea Bicycles.

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Heath (not verified)

2nd ave between 3rd and 4th.

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john segal (not verified)

17th & irving? that would be emey's bike shop...not a place for the faint of heart. emey has two tools on his work bench, vice grips and a ball peen hammer.

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Fred (not verified)
Emmy's Is No More

Emmy is gone. Quite a character. His old shop, which is indeed on 17th between Third and Irving, is now C&M Cycles. And the owner is indeed Carlos Dall'Orso. Small, cramped store, but they do sell and service all kinds of mid and high end bikes. Fuji, Jamis, Bianchi, Colnago. I haven't bought a bike there, but I have bought a few knickknacks, and they helped me out on a few minor repairs. Nice attitude and seem to know what they are doing. A big improvment over Emmy. I'm a Sid's fan myself and I found Tim in particular very helpful in fitting me with my first road bike. Also good on follow up service. But if you're in the Gramercy/Stuyvesant/East Village vacinity, check out C&M, a nice addition to the neighborhood. 141 East 17th St, 212-253-6788.

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meg (not verified)

By my experience, THE guy at Gotham is Ish Torres. He CARES about whether you walk out of there with a bike you love. My bike buying experience there was unpleasant til I came across him. If he ever leaves I'm never going back there.

Separately, I noticed Bicycle Habitat has a 30 day money back guarantee on their bikes. I think that's pretty impressive.

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