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NY POST, 6/15/05

Getting to the Manhattan Bridge in Brooklyn by bike is about to become a smoother and safer ride.

City officials yesterday announced plans to construct a new two-way bicycle path to the bridge in Brooklyn's Vinegar Hill section.

The path, one-third of a mile long, will run from the Brooklyn Navy Yard on Navy Street to the bridge on a raised median along Sands Street, and it will keep cyclists away from vehicular traffic.

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David Hallerman (not verified)
Let Us See

Sounds good, sounds like an improvement...however, it would seem that the majority of cyclists don't currently approach the Manhattan Bridge from the Vinegar Hill section but more from the Brooklyn Heights, Downtown, and other more southerly sections.

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esass (not verified)
Manhattan side

Are they thinking about changing the configuration on the Manhattan side?

Maybe put up some 'bikes only signs' too.

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John T. (not verified)
More info

"More info on TA's website; DOT's press release with artistic rendition of future bike path."

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Michael Y (not verified)
thanks for posting this

This is generally the route I take to/from the Manhattan Bridge. It should be a big improvement. Right now it's problematic because of the entrances to the BQE. Also the road surface in the area depicted sucks.

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