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I'm still amazed. This past Thursday, the 9th, I ordered a bike jersey from a company in England, Foska.

They said the shipping would be $13 (7 pounds), via priority airmail. Okay, $13 is a bit high, but didn't (doesn't) seem outrageous for a shipment from England to New York City.

The jersey arrived today. Four days! And with a weekend in-between.

That's fast, and that kind of thing only abets the growth of e-commerce, don'tcha think.

David, who adds what helps that growth at least for Foska was a good description of jersey size and excellent design so that what arrived in only four days looks good and fits too

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Christian Edstrom (not verified)

Okay, that Lion of Flanders training jacket is quite the ticket too, isn't it. Some mega stuff, there, David!

- Christian

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David Hallerman (not verified)
C'est Ne Pas Moi

Me? Lion of Flanders? Think not, very not.

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