Is there a Prospect Park self-test?

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I live in Brooklyn and haven't been able to do the self-test to see what level of club ride I should start with.

Does anyone know if there is a self-test designed for Prospect Park? It is much easier for me to get there than Central Park.


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George Arcarola (not verified)

ML, I'm not aware of a test course outside of Central Park, but if you have a cyclocomputer, time your ride in Prospect Park until you hit 24.4 miles. There are not 'real' hills in either park so your time in PP should be comparable to a time in CP. Remember, you're looking to ride a sustainable pace, I've taken this to mean that if I rode further, my average speed would not change. Have fun!


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JP (not verified)

PP is 3.35 miles, CP is 6 miles.

Just over 7 laps in PP should equal 4 of CP.

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ML (not verified)

I will try it at Prospect Park doing the same mileage. I was assuming that since Central Park has bigger hills (although only slightly) that this could affect the time... but it should get me a lot closer to figuring out where I belong on the club rides.

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