numb toes

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I have been having numb toes. I have heard all kinds of advice and none of it is consistent. Does anyone have the real story on how to avoid this? Shoes too loose? Shoes too tight? Pedal stroke issues?

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Ed White (not verified)

One possibility you may not think of is the position of the cleat on the bottom of your bike shoe. I believe it should be positioned over the ball of your foot--a bike fitter would know best. I suspect that if it is not positioned correctly, it could contribute to numbness.

You might also investigate orthotics made specifically for bike shoes. These inserts would help spread the pressure evenly across your foot. Bike stores should carry them (I got mine from a bike fitter).

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Jim (not verified)
numb toes

I think that I have gotten seriously tingly toes (smaller toes on the left) from an uncomfortable least that's how I interpreted it. Not sure.

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ML (not verified)

Thanks. I will look into an update to my fitting.
Other comments/suggestions are still welcome. This is one of those things where every response I get is completely different. I'm looking for a pattern at this point! :)

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Ed White (not verified)

A pattern may not be the answer for you. Numbness in the toes could be caused by different things in different individuals, so you may need to experiment to figure out what works for you.

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alon (not verified)

i was wearing my shoes @ home for few hours....and my toes got numb !!!
I gave them to the shoe repair shop for a streching.
Will see if that helps.

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Raul Muntaner (not verified)

A professional fit is the best way to solve this issue.

The position of the cleat is oh so essential.

Do a search on this forum for bicycle fit or position, there are many threads with great suggestions.

Of course, shoes must be exactly the right size/model -- I have experienced numbness with both too small and too large.

good luck!
happy new year.

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mike p (not verified)
type of cleat?

"size of cleat platform can also stop a cause of numb toes, frogs ,bebops,cranks are small, :look"" have a big platform.
try a pair of biking clipless sandals ,that will check too see if the shoes are too tight"

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Neile (not verified)
I get numb toes and I don't even use clipless pedals

It's circulation getting cut off by tight shoe or by keeping your foot pressed hard against a pedal clip.

Just get off the bike and walk a hundred feet every 20 miles -- or disengage a foot during an easy down hill section and shake it.

Relieves the numbness and provides wholesome entertainment for those behind.

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Sam AA (not verified)
Loosen you shoes

"My personal experience corroborates what you said. I just needed to loosen my biking shoes a bit and it worked like magic.

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Maggie Schwarz (not verified)
Raynaud's phenomenon

You may want to see a podiatrist to see if you have Raynaud's. But I think this occurs in the fingers as well as the toes, so if you have the numbness in the toes only you probably don't have Raynaud's.

It's a condition where the capillaries in the fingers and toes shut down when cold. It can be very serious but isn't usually.

I think when it's really serious they prescribe vasodilator medications.

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