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Now that the summer weather is here and I'm biking more than I did last year, I need a few new pairs of bike shorts. I've noticed that prices online range from $40-$170...can't quite understand what the $170 bike shorts contain, but maybe I'm missing something (gold threads?) Hoping someone out there can give me a suggestion for some women's shorts that are durable, comfortable, and also not too pricey. Thanks!

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ML (not verified)
short shorts

I have always been pretty happy with my Pearl Izumi shorts that cost around $80. Maybe I have these?? Not sure which type.

Apparently the chamois is much better in the more expensive ones, but I wouldn't know the difference because I've never bought the better ones.

I am getting ready to buy a new pair though that I tried on the other day. They felt good and the outer fabric was sort of mesh-like, so they seemed like they might be cooler than the Pearl Izumi shorts. They are also shorter which I think will help keep me cooler.

I would think it would be best to go somewhere and try on a bunch of different ones (sometimes they just don't feel right - too tight around the thighs or the padding is too wide). The $40 ones may not be comfortable for longer rides, so the savings may not be worth it.

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Carol (not verified)
Elastic Chamois

Both Performance and Supergo have a woman's short short with an elastic covered Chamois. It's the most comfortable chamois I've ever ridden on - it moves with you so you get far less friction. the Performance version is called the Women's Ultra Short (catalogue #10-5223A) and is priced at $70. The Supergo version (which is a little short-waisted for me) is called the Women's Echelon (catalogue # 10-2770) and I got a pair for $53, but I think that was a sale price. Look on line at and

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Liane (not verified)

I've been using Voler shorts for a few years, and I find their shorts very comfortable.

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fendergal (not verified)

After wearing Performance shorts for many years, I am a recent convert to the Pearl Izumi Microsensors. I've also ridden with Giordana team shorts for the past three seasons and have had no problems with them.

I just raced in a pair of Voler shorts a couple weeks ago. Bunching occurred. Ouch.

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Angie (not verified)

I have used Pearl Izumi, Sugoi, Exte-Ondo, Hincapie,and Santani. The less expensive brands like Pearl and Sugoi work fine, but the really nice shorts are definitely more comfortable. Not only are the chamios usually nicer, but the fabric and elastic is nicer and very comfortable.

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euro man (not verified)

Funny that you call Pearl less expensive. In Italy Pearl is considered high end and is priced quite close to Assos. Pearl is like 20% more expensive, and Assos is like 30% cheaper than in the US.
I think it is all marketing.

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Angie (not verified)

I had no idea; I'm just basing my pricing information off of retail prices in the US. I've been fortunate enough to get a lot of my clothing at significantly reduced prices through team sponsorship or other contacts. Perhaps the pricing difference is due to the fact that Pearl is located in Colorado (I think) and easier to find here versus overseas. By no means do I consider Pearl cheap, and I wasn't unhappy with their shorts. I just found Hincapie and Exte to be more comfortable.

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<a href="">Peter O'Reilly</a> (not verified)
marketing possibly

You also need to factor in the bike biz cartel err check that, I mean middleman or manufacturers having its retailers hold firm on MSRP or exchange rates or both, among others I'm sure. For instance, Conti tires cost less but Cannondales cost $$$ more overseas. Pearl is domestic, Assos is Swiss.

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Diane Goodwin (not verified)
Why not try a skort?

Hi Reeny,

I've become bored with the same styles in shorts. If you go lower end, they all look the same. If you want sometime more stylish, you need to spend that $180. What I discovered were skorts. I love them.

The greatest part about the skort is I can go into a restaurant or store without looking like a complete cyclist. The skirt panels aren't a problem either (and I ride 32 miles commuting round trip).

It's a little fun wearing them too .... heads definitely turn!

Best part is that I only paid $80/each in Piermont Bike Shop. I checked on line and that was a fair price (after the purchase). Terry and Shebeest have them.

diane goodwin

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