All Class Ride

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Thanks to Fred Steinberg and the ride leaders.
Special thanks to David Sabarrese for the food. The sandwiches, deserts, and watermelon were great.

(thanks and apologies to the other unnamed co-conspirators.)

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Barbara (not verified)

Another great event Dave! good food & great fun - everything was perfect. Thanks for all the hard work & planning.
Thanks to my ride leaders Linda, Rick, and John for a terrific ride.


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Rick Braun (not verified)

On behalf of Linda, John, and me, you're very welcome. It was a fun ride and a great group. Yes, and Dave, excellent as always (and boy were those little brownies yummy).

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Fred Steinberg (not verified)
not me

David (and Joanne) gets full credit. Not only did he do the work but he gives up a day of cycling for these events.

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Mark Gelles (not verified)
Pictures & Thanks

Pictures of Lunch @ While we cycled Joanne & David made sure we had a great lunch! Thanks guys....mark

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