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I'm a tall girl having trouble finding tops (especially summer tanks with pockets in the back) which are long enough in the back to cover the waist-line of my shorts.

teamestrogen.com has a great selection, so theoretically I could order a bunch and try them on... but I wouldn't get reimbursed for the original shipping or for shipping back to them when something doesn't fit.

Soooo, does anyone have any recommendations of shops in the area (Manhattan/Brooklyn) that have a great selection of women's cycling clothes? I didn't have luck at Paragon, so any other recommendations would be appreciated.


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kay (not verified)

Campmor (Paramus, NJ) has the best selection of women's bike clothing I've seen in the area. I was just there recently, and they had a wide selection of sleeveless jerseys.

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hannah (not verified)

"I'm in the same situation and am going to try a DIY solution. H&M has some great, strappy tank tops in the $9 range. They're mostly cotton with a little Spandex, and have a built-in shelf bra. They are long enough for me (no small accomplishment given that I'm 5'11""). I'm going to try sewing a pocket onto the back to turn it into a bike ""jersey.""

I rode to Campmor last weekend and didn't find anything in the jersey department to get too excited about. (I did get lots of other good stuff, however, and am going to try to lead a B ride there in August.)


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Heidi Sadowsky (not verified)
Team Estrogen

Yes, you heard it right...team estrogen...great online store for women!


Great service! Excellent selection.

Also, www.terrybicycle.com

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