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"I was riding around Central Park last night and saw a gentleman wearing a very nice red and gold NYCC jersey - it looked REALLY good. I caught up with him and asked was this the new club jersey - he laughed and said it was an ancient one.

Ancient or not - it looked great! I bet if the design was resurrected more people would wear a club jersey. Apologies to the people who designed the last couple of club jerseys - but it's more than obvious the reason all the ""hundreds"" (perhaps thousands) of NYCC members DON'T wear them. I know I would wear one of these older ones any day - does anyone still sell the older ones?"

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Richard Rosenthal (not verified)
The jersey you like/seek was designed by Michael Toomey

The jersey you refer to is one of two designed for the NYCC by Michael Toomey. One had multi-colored chainrings on a yellow-gold background; the other had red, stylized high-rises on an angle on a yellow background. This latter design was also produced purple-on-white.

I may have the red high rise one. If interested, write me your size.

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David Regen (not verified)
Anything else in the works?

Hey Richard,

Are there any plans for a new NYCC jersey? I think we could use one...

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greendoc (not verified)

It was the red high rise jersey that I saw. Do you have women's sizes? How are the measurements on the (if you have them) small and medium?


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