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I will be spending 10 days in Ireland this August and would like to try to get a few short (25-30 mile)rides in while I'm there. The bulk of my time will be spent in Kenmare, Co. Kerry. I've rented a bike before from the one place in town that rents them and it was terrible. Kenmare is pretty close to Kilarney and that could be an option for a bike rental. Also, any suggestions on routes in South Kerry? I'd love to know if anyone in the group has done any cycling in Kerry and how they went about organizing it.

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Deb (not verified)
cycling in Ireland

Hi, I went on a cycling tour in that area 2 years ago through Irish Cycling Safaris ( Check out both their weekend and week-long tours in West Cork/Kerry for cycling routes. That area is beautiful--don't miss Gouganne Barra. ICS has self-led tours so you may be able to do one of those or just go to their destinations on your own. The ICS bikes aren't great--entry-level treks but better than you can probably rent. (We rented in Kilarney once and I wasn't impressed with those bikes either.)

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Bob Heisler (not verified)
Irish Cycling Safaris

I did two trips with them, Dingle Pennisula and County Wicklow. They were both great.

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Maura (not verified)

Thanks for the input Deb & Bob. I had never heard of this group and actually e-mailed them today to see if they had any type of package that would fit my needs. I really appreciate your suggestions. Now that I'm into cycling I'd really love to be able to enjoy it in my favorite country in the world.

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