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Does anyone know any good bike parking near wall and broadway?


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Mitchell (not verified)

Take a look at the bottom of this page:

And then contact the Downtown Alliance

Downtown Alliance
120 Broadway, Suite 3340, New York, NY 10271
phone 212.566.6700 fax 212.566.6707
[email protected]

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Paul (not verified)
thanks for the info.

thanks for the info. I'll follow up on the advice. I do plan to ride a nice bicycle, and am a little paranoid :)


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Jimmy (not verified)

You're not paranoid; your fear is well justified by reality. I don't know what you mean by nice, but if we're talking about a >$800 bike I would NOT leave it out at a regular street or building rack. Even if you use multiple good locks that will frustrate someone from stealing the bike -- perhaps not without trying and scratching up your frame -- expensive components like STI shifters may be picked off.

What I do is try to leave my bike with a car garage by giving the attendant a few bucks. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I don't.

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Kuria (not verified)
Bike Parking

I also work in a building close to the South Ferry in the Financial District (55 Water St.) I approached the building administration/security about letting me bring my bike into the building and was denied access. Apparently there are some Insurance issues... The building does have a parking garage in the basement and I was informed that I could use the bike rack for free. Use of the bike rack is at your own risk, the attendants do not monitor the bikes. I ride a fairly expensive bike, so what I've done is rented out a storage space at the Manhattan mini-storage on South Street & Catherine (right off the E.River bike path between the Brooklyn Bridge & Manhattan bridge). A 4'X4'X5' space lets me store the bike without removing the front wheel and runs about $55 a month. The storage building is clean and is also closely monitored. It is a little bit of a pain having to walk from the storage space to my building, but it affords me the ability to put in a few miles in during the week since I live up in Nyack and my commute from NYC doesn't give me much time to do any riding when I get home. Not the cheapest option, but a safe one for your bike.

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Christian Edstrom (not verified)

The parking garage at 80 Pine (Pine/Water) has a rack for bicycles. It's usually pretty full, but you can probably squeeze in.

It's free, lots of attendants, and one guy parks a nice Trek there. I've parked there off and on for a year, and I haven't had any problems. But I've got a cheap-looking rig that you'd have to be a lugged-bike aficionado to steal.

Bit of a trek from Wall/Bway, but better than nothing, I guess.

- Christian

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Jimmy (not verified)
While we're on the subject

Anyone have parking suggestions in the Theater District/Hell's Kitchen area?

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