Sandy Hook

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"Those interested:

There's a change--was supposed to meet 8:30am Pier 78 on West 38th St. Instead:

Meet 10:30am at Pier 11, south of Wall St. & South Street Seaport, for the Seastreak ""fast"" ferry

We'll take the 11am boat to Highlands, NJ. Round trip fare will be slighter higher:

$35.00 (29.00 fare + $6 bike charge)

For those meeting at the original 8:30am spot, Pier 78, 38th St. & 12th Ave.: I will be there & take them after 9:23am to Pier 11

Though different spot from Sandy Hook, I will take a group on my 23+ mile ride around the area. Buy lunch at Rt. 36 deli and then go to Twin Lighthouse to eat it. Then Sandy Hook to North Beach.Then get back to Highlands for the 6:40 pm boat back to Manhattan.

Leaders: Alfredo Garcia & David Seto

People are recommended to call the leader at (646) 312-1677 for questions & concerns.


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Alfredo Garcia (not verified)
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Scott Wasserman (not verified)

Updated to keep current.

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