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The speed bump has been removed for traffic crossing the bike path in front of Chelsea Piers. The result is that cars are not stopping at the stop sign. Riders beware: you could get nailed.

Hello DOT, are you listening?

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JP (not verified)

It was bad enough with the bump. Maybe DOT should bump the greenway, maybe dig a ditch. That'll stop those pesky cyclists.

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Hank Schiffman (not verified)
Bike path as an example of degenerative evolution

Obviously there is no one who is either overseeing or has any power to intercede in behalf of cyclist.

Construction on the 24th St intersection is an accident waiting to happen. From a safety point of view, a monkey with a pencil could come up with similar results, perhaps better. From any approach cars can't see cyclists and cyclists can't see cars. Then getting through the intesection with cars backed up at the light is risking a collision with runners, skaters, pedestians and cyclists going the other way. Even before construction, going through this intersection was playing Russian Roulette. Cars going south on the West Side Hwy have the option of turning into the intesection anytime, no warning to path users. This is the same scenaio on all turns on this bike path. Users are always one car turn away from playing a harp on a cloud.

And what's the deal with sealing off the drains by placing plastic under grates on the side of the path? When it rains we have to splash through puddles. And there are low spots that encourage standing water. These areas should have been paved when noted after the first rains.

One amazingly dangerous feature is the Jersey barrier with chain link fence above it just north of the Intrepid. There is too much barrier so they overlapped it rather than ordrering a piece that fits or chopping it down to size. The result is the end of the barrier sticking out into the side of the path just by a place where the path turns. One of these days someone is going to misjudge the turn and do a headon into the end of the concrete barrier. And this is not a temporary structure. It hasn't been corrected since the path was opened.

Yes, I am grateful for the path but I wouldn't want to be one of the people who becomes a victim of design flaws.

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Kate (not verified)

the plastic on the drains keeps the sediment from filling up the basins. I should be and usually is removed post construction. Although the standing water is certainly a hazard - I am not disputing that - sedimentation of the drainage system will present a bigger problem with a more global effect to the entire drainage system.

the jersey barrier was placed by the contractor as a last minute fix and was one that was available opposed as one that was specifically ordered.

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steve chabra (not verified)
Write to Hudson River Park Trust, copy TA

"Hudson River Park Trust is responsible for the bike path in the Chelsea Piers area. Write to them at [email protected] , you can copy Transportation Alternatives at [email protected] .

The speed bump has been damaged (I believe by snow plowing) in the spring of 2004 and 2003. I wrote HRPT both years and they took quick action to repair the speed bump. This spring it turned up missing altogether and HRPT has been slow to respond.

I wrote HRPT on May 9 to complain and again on May 17. They responded to the second email:

""Dear Mr. Chabra:

Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. To my knowledge, neither the Trust nor the NYS Dept. of Transportation was responsible for removing the speed bump, but we will work to get a new bump reinstalled. Since we will need to order one, the installation will not happen overnight, but we will get it done as quickly as possible.

You should also know that we have been coordinating with the NYS Department of Transportation on a number of bikeway improvements along the corridor. DOT will be installing a ""speed table"" in this vicinity as a signal to vehicles to slow down, and a stop sign will be installed prior to the table for vehicles.



On May 23 I wrote them back asking for an alternate traffic calming device while the speed bump is out -- but they did not respond. Guess it's time for another email.

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thanks (not verified)
well done

Steve, from a regular bike path user, thanks.

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Hank Schiffman (not verified)
See my letter on thread: email to [email protected] (nm)
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Matt Purdue (not verified)

hank, thanks for pointing this out. i will send an e-mail, too.

but, in my experience having ridden on bike paths all over the u.s. and europe, that is the most poorly designed, unsafe path i've ever been on.

too many vehicle crossings; poorly designed separtion of bikers, skaters, walkers; poor signage; plus all the other hazards you point out.

it's the best we've got, and i'll write however many e-mails necessary to make it safer. but i've learned to simply avoid the bike path between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.

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