Hatcity Cyclists Cyclefest century this Sunday?

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I am trying to decide on an event to do this Sunday (I have a couple of things in mind), and was wondering if anyone has done the Hatcity Cyclists century in the past? If so, would you recommend doing it? Is the course fun (I like some hills vs all flat)? Is it clearly marked (I tend to get lost fairly easily)?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated :)


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Mordecai Silver (not verified)
Hat City Cyclefest

"I'm registered to ride this Sunday. This is my first time. I found these ride reports on rec.bicycles.rides for the last two years:

Are you planning to drive there? I don't have a car, and since the earliest train arrives in Bethel at 10:00 a.m., my plan is to take the 5:35 a.m. train to Brewster, which arrives at 7:12, and ride from there to the start (about 12 miles, mostly on Rte. 6)."

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inga (not verified)

Thanks, great info! Those reviews were very helpful.

I am definitely not driving there (no car/no drivers license)--so if I decide to do it, 5:35am train it is! :) So thanks for the tip!

I am also considering either a sprint tri or a biathlon up in Harriman state park, but strongly leaning toward this century (mostly because of transportation issues... in addition to needing a mental break from getting my butt kicked in the swim during a tri... and very few people seem to be doing the biathlon, so that wouldn't be as exciting)

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Mordecai Silver (not verified)
Let me know


Send me an e-mail if you plan to do it, and we'll arrange to take the train and ride together to the start.

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Inga (not verified)
Just emailed you (nm)
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