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To all my friends in NYCC –

Well, it’s over! After six months of training, my first triathlon has finally come and gone.

As I sit here barely able to move a single body part, I just wanted to thank the so many of you -- friends, acquaintances, and people I had never met before, who, in ways little and big, offered support along the way and encouragement to keep me going. You were all with me yesterday, and I DID IT!

To everyone who asked me to let them know how it went…

Well, first off, so much for our unseasonable cold spring. We had the pleasure of the hottest day of the year (even in NH), about 85 degrees. Scary, especially since I had not run a mile until December, and did all my run training in temps below 50 degrees (most well below.) Of course I didn’t swim at all until December either, so the thought of 55 degree open water was a bit scary. Fortunately, the week warmed things up considerable, and we had a nice 61 degrees in one of the cleanest lakes I’ve ever seen. The whole course was spectacular.

Since my goal was nothing more than to finish this thing within the 8:30 allotted, I’d say I did pretty well. Had a good swim, a bit faster than expected. Was in such a rush in the transition I managed to forget my bike gloves. Fortunately, nothing else. Then a nice bike on a hilly (my nemesis) course. The plus of it was that when there weren’t hills, the flats were very fast. Rare to be going under 20 mph. Had to keep reminding myself to hold back… I still had a 13.1 mile run ahead of me. About 35 miles in I lost my gears – got stuck in the big ring in the back and so I had two to choose from. After I made peace with the fact that I could make it 20 miles like that, I finally managed to get the bike to shift. At this point, my lower back was really starting to feel it, not to mention developing a nice case of hot foot. But all in all, I felt pretty strong.

Back at the transition I racked my bike, took a few salt pills, then started on the run. My legs were like lead the first couple miles, then my feet started to feel like they were asleep until about the halfway point. This was not going to be good… the more I ran, the more I noticed that anyone with half a brain was walking as much as running. Since that was probably the only way I’d ever get through, I decided to do the same. So I ran (extremely slowly) and walked (extremely quickly) and there probably wasn’t all that much difference in the speed of the two. Every water stop I took two cups – one to drink and one to pour over my head. One foot in front of the other… straight to the finish line and a jump in the lake!

Final time: 7:23:24.

What next? For now, I’m looking forward to enjoying the summer as a cyclist… at least for the next few months, it’s all about the bike!

Photos to come, I hope…

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inga (not verified)

Hey Marci-

I don't think I know you (actually I am pretty sure I don't) but I figured I respond because me and my friend Kara were at Mooseman too (we both did a 1/4 iron).

AWESOME JOB in such tough conditions (it WAS insanely hot, I thought it would be even hotter than 85 degrees--we saw that it was 89 degrees on Sat when we were driving to the hotel from the race). I didn't feel the heat too much on the bike, but the run was just unbearable, blazing sun and no shade at any point (and we only had to do a 10K!!!--running a 1/2 marathon in such conditions would have been a real torture--so I definitely feel for you 1/2 iron people!!!)

The bike course was amazingly beautiful, I wish there were more hills though to make up for my horrible swim time (it took me almost twice as long as it did for everyone else--which wasn't really much of a surprise (it took me over 30 mins--because I am the worst swimmer in the world pretty much), so I was ready for a wild chase on the bike and the run)--but overall I am happy with my bike and run times, like 18.6 mi/hr bike pace and 8:15 run pace (esp. considering the insane heat on the run).

We are also both signed up for Timberman--which is run by the same guy, and is scheduled for late August (I am doing a half iron--hopefully I'll meet the out of the water deadline (otherwise I'll be QUITE mad to waste all this training time--maybe I can sneak in those Zoomer fins :) yeah I wish...), and then can just cruise from there, and Kara is doing a sprint). Luckily for me, Timberman is supposed to be much more hilly than Mooseman, so it will allow me to catch more of those swimmer people on the bike and the run :) Let us know if you are planning to do Timberman, and maybe we can say hello to each other (or grab a drink or smth) before or after the race!!!

In any case, HUGE CONGRATS on your first half iron, and toughing it out in the heat!!! :) Great job!

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Heidi Sadowsky (not verified)

Way to go!

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Fred (not verified)
Nice job

Hi Marci:

I think we met on a group ride this past spring and you told me you were going to do Mooseman. Quite an accomplishment.

I did a sprint Tri last Sat. at Pawling. Really nice event but I was recovering from the flu so I crawled to the finish.

Im planning to do the Montauk 1/2 in Oct. Anyone else doing it?

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faye (not verified)
ah the swim

For those who worry about their 1/2 Iron swim time fear not. As Marci will tell you no one was more worried about making it out of the water than me. I was slow and one of the last in my heat but I made it with twenty minutes to spare. Being slow has its advantages, I had my own personal kyack escort and suffered not one kick in the face :).

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