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This afternoon about 3:30 I saw a cyclist being loaded into a meat wagon over the rail on the narrow section just to the west of the ramp on the NY side. He was conscience but did not look chipper. He had long hair, looked to be in his 50s and was wearing a 5 Boro jersey. A lady nearby, holding 2 water bottles, said he swerved to avoid a pedestrian.

Care, Caution and Control!

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crasher (not verified)

care, caution, and control indeed. i had a smash up all by myself on saturday, courtesy of a wet metal plate just past the final 'guard hut' on the west side. at 1/2 mph, i went down harder, and did more damage to my knee, than I've ever done on an open road crash.

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Hank Schiffman (not verified)
I learned that same lesson...

...a number of years ago. I turned on a set of the expansion plates while they were wet. Not only did I injure myself but I broke a wheel.

The whole bike path could be redesigned for cycling safety. But it isn't going to happen.

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Bob Shay (not verified)
me too

GWB, a few years ago. Wet plate by guard hut. I was going about 1/2 MPH and whoosh, my back wheel came out from under me. Slammed to the ground. Broke a wheel.


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omijo (not verified)
it wasn't a five boro bike jersey

it was an once jersey and he fractured his hip. was run into by a pedestrian who did a wide u-turn right in front of him.

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Hank Schiffman (not verified)
Once, 5 Boro, same thing.... (nm)
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