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I'm headed to cape breton island and would like to do some cycling...does anyone have an outfit you would recommend? Can I wing it and just arrive and where might be the best shop?

Any and all help appreciated. - P.

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el jefe (not verified)

"For an ""outfit"" I'd bring a windbreaker and tights. June is still early spring on Cape Breton Island.

If you bring a well adjusted bike you shouldn't need a shop. I haven't been there in about 10 years, but i don't recall seeing a shop anywhere on CBI. The closest bike shop is probably in Halifax.


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Jeannine (not verified)
cycling cape breton

I've cycled around Cape Breton and we basically showed up and rode our fully loaded bikes out of the airport. We had a book that located the camp sites, don't know if you are lookimg for something a little more comfortable. It is remote and one must plan their food and water carefully because there are huge gaps between places. If you are looking for an outfit, you are much better off finding one ahead of time because we were hard pressed to find anything. It's absolutely beautiful!

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Jay (not verified)
We cycled there a few years ago on our tandem

"on the way to I recall there was a book ""Cycling in Eastern Canada"" which may have routes, etc. Also check Freewheeling Adventures. It was a positive experience. BTW I hope to have cycled in all the Can provs by August."

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