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Hi all,

Right now Colleen and I are still planning to go ahead with our ride at 8. Note: the ride does not start at the boathouse, but on Riverside at 122nd street (by Grant's Tomb). If you're coming up Riverside, start your cycle computer at 72nd street, since that's where our cue sheet starts.

We plan to post again by 7 AM tomorrow (especially if we cancel or postpone), but right now we think it's still worth doing. The forecasts this spring have been unreliable and the weather (according to those unreliable forecasts) is supposed to be better as the day goes on. The rain is supposed to stop and sun come out (especially in Cold Spring).

Some have asked about pacing. Assuming we go ahead with the ride, we do plan to keep a B-18 pace (18 or 19 on flats, fast enough on hills to keep a 15 mph average).

We look forward to what will hopefully be a beautiful ride.

David and Colleen

P.S. Don't forget your train pass and lots of pocket food!

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David Carr (not verified)
Ride off for today, may be on for tomorrow

Overnight the forecast for the middle of the day got worse, rather than better. We were hoping just to have to deal with some sprinkles in the morning (at worst) and have some decent weather to ride later on (especially in Cold Spring). Now Cold Spring and that area is projected to have mid-day showers. Just not the nice summer day many of us had hoped for in re-doing this ride this weekend. We'd postpone today, but it wouldn't help.

Tomorrow's forecast looks nice, we're hoping to do the ride then, same time, same place. We will be checking on childcare and post again by noon today.

David and Colleen

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Colleen (not verified)
We're on for Sunday

We worked it out for tomorrow and our looking forward to a beautiful ride. We were especially reluctant to try for today (even though the sun is streaming through the window as I write) since there are no bail outs on this ride.

We'll need to leave close to 8:00 am, since David and I will need to be on the 3:58 train back to the city. Hopefully we'll see you in the morning - RSVP's appreciated. #[email protected] (remove #).

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Tony Rentschler (not verified)

Colleen & David, thanks for a fine ride. Great route, great pace, great company - I hope you lead another sometime soon.

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David (not verified)
Your Welcome!

It was our pleasure! We got the weather yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed the group and ride. We plan to do another in July.


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