If it is raining at 8:30 tomorrow: The River Road A- Ride

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I don't ride in the rain. I don't start in drizzle. That's because (a) I'm a wuss, and (b) I've cleaned my bike twice in the last ten days and I 'm not going for thirds.

Let's start half an hour after the rain stops...if it stops by noon. If it is still drizzling at noon, the ride is off.

Call me to confirm. (212) 371-4700.

Also, it suddenly occurs to me I think there is a mass running event in the park tomorrow morning...(here I go again: not that, in the wake of a previous conflict between runners and cyclists during a race, about which I wrote the NYRR, the Parks Dept. and the Park Conservancy, any of them bestirred themselves to notify us of this insofar as I know.)

Nevertheless, be mindful of the fact there may be runners fanned across the roadway; and getting to the Boathouse may be dicey. I'll look for you across the road from the Boathouse as that lane is supposedly runner-free.

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rr (not verified)

No sanctioned run on Saturday. Just a memorial run at 9am.
There is a sunday run.

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David Regen (not verified)
aw, c'mon...

Seriously Richard, why NOT ride in the rain? If probably have 1/3 the annual miles under my belt if I didn't. I can understand if it's pouring or something, but a little rain, especially when it's this warm, is no big deal, especially if your bike has proper fenders.

If you've never ridden a 50-mile ride in the rain with a bike that has full fenders, I invite you to try it. Your bike won't get all that dirty--only the wheels and the interior of your fenders will.


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