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I am looking for good mountain bike trails close to the city - single track would be great. Any comments on Blue Mountain reservation? Thanks.

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April (not verified)
Funny you should ask

This Sunday, the Westchester Mountain Bike Association is having their annual festival at Blue Mountain. Go there, you'll meet lots of people and tons fun.

About 50% of Blue Mountain's trails are single track, some of them quite challenging, all of them fun. Even the carrige roads got enough rocks to be interesting. Bring your climbing legs, though.

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ted (not verified)

Other options: Sprain Ridge and Graham Hills in Westchester go to also Stillwell Woods and Bethpage/ Greenbelt trail in Long Island see

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Michael Casey (not verified)
more other options

Hither Hills State Park just west of Montauk (lots of singletrack)

Minnewaska State Park in Ulster County (carriage trails but great views and two lakes for swimming breaks)

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