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i want to led a C ride down the Jersey shore -- anyone have any thoughts/ideas on this? My plan ... take the Ferry to Sandy Hook, ride around 50 miles and find a motel/bb and return same way.

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Alfredo Garcia (not verified)


I'm leading rides to Sandy Hook, from June to Sept. However, the first set for June 11, will have a change. Check the message board for updates.

NY Waterway will have one-day only cruises on weekends starting June 25 until Labor Day at Pier 78, west 38th st, along the greenway.

Otherwise, Seastreak has daily cruises to Highlands, NJ, from Manhattan's Pier 11, near Wall St.
www.seastreak.com. Unlike NY Waterway, you can get the boat on one day and come back the next day or later.

Each ferry has a bike charge of 1-3 dollars each way. Bikes are stowed at the bow.

A ferry alternative is the NJ Transit train to Long Branch.

Good luck on finding lodgings. From Memorial Day to Labor Day, the rates are very expensive.

There's a bike event, Twin Lights, that will start and end at Sandy Hook. Routes of 25-100 miles are offered.

Hope this helps,


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April (not verified)
NJ Transit

"NJ Transit can be tempremetal when it comes to bikes on trains. Although the ""official"" policy is to allow bikes on train, there's a limit on how many and ""at the discretion of the conductor"". It had happened in the past bikes were not allow to get on ""due to over-crowding"".

Yeah, you can get on the next train, which is 1/2 to an hour later. But that's a hell of a long wait at the end of the day. Metro North also have similar policy but the conductors have been much more accomodating so far.

Ferries being bigger and lots of space to stash the bikes. I'd imagine having less problem with a big group of bikes..."

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