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Can anyone tell me if there is a singles ride scheduled.
I remember going to Princeton on a nice ride which was
promoted by all the cycling clubs in NY & NJ... and if
I recall it was during the month of June. ANyone have info??? Thanks

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Ed White (not verified)

"I know which ride you're talking about. I enjoyed it myself, but I haven't seen it listed anywhere the past couple of years.

FYI--the NYCC's eweekly email has an ""Out of Bounds"" section that lists various non-NYCC organized rides. There's a similar listing at the 5BBC's Regional Roundup. I don't see the Singles Ride listed in either place, though."

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Desperately Seeking Someone (not verified)
what people would do after not getting a date ...

from calling all the female NYCC members in the Roster :-)

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hannah (not verified)
I think it's dead

I checked with the former organizer, Glen Goldstein, about this sometime last year. I forget the whole story, but the ride was not offered last year and I don't think there are any plans to revive it. (I do remember that it wasn't Glen's decision--there were other organizers involved.)


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