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Anyone know of group rides in the Southampton area?

There seems to be a shop called Rotations that organizes weekend rides. You must pay $50 to join. Any impressions of this group or alternatives?


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MB (not verified)
Southampton Riding

Highly recommend-- did a ride with a smallsih group summer before last, and it was great. Start point is at the bike shop named Rotations (Westhampton?). You'll have to check on departure time.

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Fred (not verified)
Bike Hampton

Try Bike Hampton, a LBS in Sag Harbor.

I have a good time with them on Sundays, but I remember last summer they also had mid week rides.

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Ellen (not verified)

A single Rotations ride is $10.....which defrays the bagel, fruit, coffee, juice spread that's laid out on the return.
It's friendly, well-organized..... with 3 levels going out.....usually a medium A, B+ and a B-.
Stops are minimal getting you back to the shop before noon.
Highly recommended.

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JT (not verified)

Thanks, and nice photos on your website. Do you do any bicycling photography/art?

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Sally Cressey (not verified)
What time does this ride leave Rotations?

Are there just Sat. AM rides or any other times?
thanks, smc

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Ellen (not verified)
Do you do any bicycling photography/art?

Thanks JT.
Cycling-by art is more my thing.

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Ellen (not verified)
Are there just Sat. AM rides or any other times?

I suggest calling them.....ride frequency may increase during July and August.
At the very least, I know they go out Saturdays and Sundays. Start time 8AM.

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