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Hey I am looking to ride out of Westchester to Montauk - anyone know of a good route to take??? Not sure if I can even get across a bridge via cycle - let me know. Thanks in advance.


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Zac Fisher (not verified)

The Triboro Bridge has a bike/foot path that isn't used much, and isn't easy to find. It also requires going back down to street level on Randalls Island and finding the entrance to the Queens bound section. Not impossible to do as I did it myself once last year.

Watch out for the stairs, too. They aren't very well marked and you'll be going downhill at that point (in Queens IIRC).

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April (not verified)

How about taking the subway to bypass both Bronx and Queens, never mind the pesky bridges?

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Bob Shay (not verified)
Westchester to Montauk is possible

My last experience was on the NYC to Montauk ride a few weeks ago. From Westchester to Manhattan is pretty easy. The Montauk ride (141 miles) left from Penn Station and went over the Manhattan Bridge. After that, the route followed the south shore - almost parallel to the LIRR.

The ride is serious mileage, although very flat/fast. You can get more info from http://www.5bbc.org/montauk/ and probably the ride library on this site.

Good luck,


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Robbob (not verified)

Thanks to all - I'll most likely leave from Grand Central Terminal and go the 59th st route -

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Sebastian (not verified)
triboro bridge

i tried the triboro bridge last week and it was desaster. the portion from 125th street to rabdalls island was closed so i had to go through the bronx. the portion from the bronx to randalls island was also closed so i had to sneak across and climb all sorts of obstacles. once you're on randalls island you're find but its a mess to get there. i would recommend the 59th street bridge ..

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Zac Fisher (not verified)

Only one side of the bridge is open from the bronx and randalls island ends, and they're not easy to find. It wouldn't surprise me though to see them closed.

The Bronx is not the most bike friendly place on the planet either, but at least it has a few hills.

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Evan Marks (not verified)
Whitestone Bridge bike bus


As an aside, the Triboro Bridge path is glorious on a sunny day ... and easily the creepiest place I've ever ridden. Feels like a trap, especially when riding alone.

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el jefe (not verified)
Thinking outside the bronx

Without knowing where in Westchester you're starting from there are two possibilities that are shorter, maybe faster, more scenic, and skip NYC:

1. Get to Bridgeport (ride or Metro North) and take the ferry to Port Jefferson.

2. Get to New London (Metro North goes as far as New Haven) and take the ferry to Orient Point. From there it's a relatively short ride across Shelter Island (requiring two more ferries) to Montauk.

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